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Why Should You Check Out SkillPort CBT?

Faculty, staff and students have FREE access to SkillPort CBT via mySeaport. Several good reasons you should check out CBT include: Free online books! Free online courses! Free instructional videos! Unlimited learning opportunities! SkillPort CBT is easy to navigate and gives you numerous options for finding the information you need. More

New & Noteworthy

Heartbleed Bug Info

Media outlets recently have been reporting on the "Heartbleed" bug which is a threat to many websites across the Internet. ITS staff at UNCW have been working diligently to ensure the campus is safe from this vulnerability, and we are happy to report that we are. You are not required to change your UNCW password at this time.More

New Access Points to Improve hawkwifi

ITS is in the process of replacing 350+ wireless access points to improve the hawkwifi experience on campus. We realize that some people have been experiencing issues, and we have been working continuously to ensure that hawkwifi is as stable as possible. More

Security Corner

Be Aware of Ransomware

UNCW’s ITS Security Office wants the campus to be aware of ransomware, a type of malware that stops you from using your PC until you (supposedly) pay a certain amount of money (the ransom). Most ransomware shows a notification noting that local authorities have detected illegal activity on your computer. They then demand you pay a "fine" to avoid prosecution and to gain access to your files again. This type of malware can either lock your computer screen with a full-screen image or webpage to stop you from accessing anything on your PC or it can lock your files with a password ...More



christian cook

Christian Cook

Christian Cook—a junior Biology major and Dean’s List student who plans to apply for dental school—has cultivated an additional area of expertise during his time at UNCW: information technology. Ever since the beginning of his freshman year, Christian has worked for Information Technology Systems (ITS) in the networking department where he provides face to face troubleshooting on networking issues, in addition to behind the scenes work on the network infrastructure.More

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