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Quarterly Apple Bulk Order Coordinated through UNC General Administration – Deadline May 1

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UNC General Administration (UNC-GA) is coordinating an end-of-year Apple bulk order for campuses that wish to order Macs (iPads, etc.). Each quarter, this process has given each campus a discount of 7% - 11% beyond normal education pricing. Those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity need to submit their information by May 1. See schedule below for details:

  • May 1, noon - If you wish to be included in the Apple bulk order, you must contact Tami Violette ( or 910-962-3805) in ITS no later than noon on Wednesday, May 1 to let her know the items you will be purchasing and to obtain a pre-bulk quote. (Pre-bulk quotes should NOT be submitted into uShop at this time.)
  • May 1, COB – Quotes will be sent GA and then forwarded to Apple. 
  • May 6 – Apple should have re-quotes back to GA and the campuses.
  • May 7 – ITS will send the re-quotes back to individuals with instructions to order via uShop.
  • After May 7 but prior to May 17 – Submit your PO in uShop.


More details:

  • The discount extends to all software and accessories as well as CPUs.
  • iPads with WIFI-only will be discounted $20 each if bought in a 10 pack. Apple Care for these items will also be discounted $20 if bought in a 10 pack. AppleCare is not required for this discount.
  • iPads with WIFI plus 4G will be discounted 4% if bought in quantities of 10 or more. AppleCare IS required to receive this discount. (Note: GA thinks these details will apply to the iPod Mini as well but have not yet given the official word.)
  • Even if there are no discounts on individual units, iPad orders are counted toward the total UNC bulk order and this gives us "credit" towards achieving higher discount levels.

If you have questions and/or wish to participate, please contact Tami Violette at 910-962-3805 or