Getting Connected to the UNCW Wired Network

Students In Residence Halls

Students with Windows computers (does not pertain to Macs) will need to adjust the settings on your machines so that your wired access will work. ITS has created scripts for Windows 7 and 8 to apply these settings for you (step 1a), or you may follow the step by step instructions (step 1b) below.

Step 1a. Download Script

Choose your operating system and click the link (OR follow instructions in PDF documents below- step 1b).

For best results, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome to download these scripts. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), additional steps may be needed to run the script. (For some IE browsers, you will need to Save, choose Actions, choose More Options and "Run anyway.")

Save the .exe file to your computer and then run it. Your computer must be plugged into a wired port when you actually run the script. If you cannot connect to the UNCW wired network, we recommend that you plug into a wired port, connect to hawkwifi and save and run the script.

  • Windows 7 Script (Save to computer first, then run script. Computer must be plugged into a wired port when you run it.)
  • Windows 8 Script (Save to computer first, then run script. Computer must be plugged into a wired port when you run it.)

NOTE: If you see the following warning message, click "Yes."

User Account Control warning message


Step 1b. Follow Step by Step Instructions

Step 2

Plug your computer into the data jack in your residence hall room and connect to the Internet. Enter your UNCW username and password when prompted.

Faculty & Staff*

*Except for those in Hoggard, Kenan Hall, Kenan Auditorium, James, DePaolo, King Hall, DeLoach and Burney (If you are in one of these buildings simply connect to the Internet with your UNCW username and password, when prompted.)

Step 1: Plug into the Data Jack

  • Plug an Ethernet cable into the data jack in the room and into the back of your computer. Note: Ethernet cables may be purchased from B1NAR1ES Technology Store.

Step 2: Fill Out the Registration Form

  • Windows XP or above and Mac OS X will normally detect and install your Ethernet card and configure TCP/IP automatically:
    • Start your computer and open an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Safari).
    • Surf to a non-UNCW related Web page to access the UNCW Network Registration page (This page may load automatically).
    • Fill in all required fields and click the "Activate Adapter" button.

Step 3: Reboot your computer once you have filled out the form.

Need Help? Please call the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) at 910-962-4357 (HELP) to make an appointment if you cannot successfully connect your computer to the network.

Helpful "Getting Connected" Links

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