Coming Soon: Network Registration for Campus on All Computing Devices


In an effort to increase the efficiency of our campus network registration system, next week ITSD will be cleaning the network registration database. Starting on Wednesday, August 3, faculty, staff and students will be redirected to the UNCW Network Registration system when connecting to the Internet so that they can re-register their computers and network devices. According to IT Security best practices, this type of database should be cleaned/purged on a yearly basis. This means that all previously registered devices connected to the UNCW network (including computers, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, tablets, iPads, etc.) will need to go to the registration page and follow the simple instructions to re-register.

Here’s how it works: After faculty, staff and students restart their computer or device and open a Web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.), they will be redirected to a secure “UNCW Network Registration” Web page. This registration Web page will request information such as the UNCW username and password, a description of the computer/device and several more details. Once the information has been submitted, faculty, staff and students will need to restart their computers/devices for the registration process to complete.

This process ensures our campus networking infrastructure will be ready for the fall semester.

ITSD will send a reminder email prior to August 3 to remind faculty and staff of this event. Questions should be directed to the TAC at 962-HELP (4357).

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