SAS Software

(NOTE: Also available on TealWare)

SAS Software is available to the UNCW community through a grant between SAS and the UNC campuses. Under the grant all UNCW faculty, staff and students are eligible to obtain selected SAS software for research and instructional needs.

Acquiring SAS License

SAS is available for Windows, however it will NOT run on Vista Home edition. You will need a license file to complete the installation. When you visit the TAC to obtain the software, they will enter a request and the license file will be emailed to you. The license file is valid for one year; a new one will be sent to you each March.

Install SAS 9.1.3

  1. New Installation - Version 9.1.3
  2. Close ALL programs before installation
  3. Insert SAS Setup Disk
  4. Browse to and open the file you saved in step 3 of Requesting a SAS License and follow the instructions

Renewing License for Version 9.1.3

  1. Click on the Start menu on your computer
  2. Select All Programs -> SAS -> SAS 9.1 Utilities -> Renew SAS Software
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions being sure to browse to the license file you saved when you installed the software

Remote Access

SAS is also available via Remote Desktop or TealWare.