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Dear December 2014 and May 2015 Graduates,

The Senior Class Giving Campaign is a unique opportunity for seniors like you to pay it forward to the next generation of Seahawks by giving back to the area of campus closest to your heart.

A gift of $20.15 to the World Languages & Cultures Department can help provide funding for:

· Scholarships

· Student Conference Travel

· Scholarly Events and Lectures

Click here to make your gift today and receive several exclusive benefits as a token of appreciation for your support.

Giving to WLC

The activities and courses offered by the WLC department help our students to think globally and critically. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help our future generation to be global citizens.

There are four opportunities that donor can contribute:

  • FLL department Fund
    The purpose of this fund is for miscellaneous use not covered by regular departmental operational budget, travel/research. This money would support pedagogical /research/other needs (unrestricted)
  • FLL Cultural Events
    The purpose for this fund is for inviting scholars/speakers: paying for honorarium, travel, lodging, food, advertisement, and operational costs specific to the Cultural Event.
  • FLL Scholarships
    FLL offers scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students.

    Scholarship for undergraduate students:
    Lapaire-Stites French Studies Scholarship
    Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures Academic Scholarship
    Helena R. Cheek Scholarship
    Text Book Scholarship
    For more information about each scholarship click here

    Scholarship for graduate students:
    Nieka 'Sean' Wright Memorial Scholarship
    For more information about the scholarship click here
  • For those interested in creating a Named Scholarship/Lecture Series/Endowed Professorship, please contact the Chair of FLL, Raymond Burt for more information.

How to give:

On-line credit card gift
If you are giving to the #1 "FLL department Fund" Please choose "Foreign Languages Department" in the Gift Designation 1 "I would like to designate my gift to" on the form.

If you are giving to the #2 "FLL Cultural Events" and/or #3 "FLL Scholarship" Please first chose "Other" in the Gift Designation 1 "I would like to designate my gift to" and then you can type "FLL Cultural Event" or "FLL and name of the scholarship" right below the box "Other"

Mailing a check
Please check "I prefer to make a restricted gift designated to" and next to "Other" write "Foreign Languages Department" or "FLL cultural event" or "FLL and name of the scholarship"

We thank you so much for your contribution for our students and faculty to make a difference!