How to submit an application:

The application must be submitted online through the APPLY YOURSELF application system.

1. APPLY YOURSELF: Go to the Graduate School’s  application information page, click on APPLY and follow the instructions.

2.  TRANSCRIPTS.  You must have an official transcript sent from each college, community college or university that you have attended, including foreign institutions.  If you attended such an institution in a foreign country, the transcript from that institution must be evaluated and reviewed by an accredited foreign credential evaluation service in order to determine the institution accreditation, number of credits you earned and how your courses transfer into the U.S. educational system. Evaluation reports must be received by the Graduate School directly from the approved evaluation service. UNCW accepts course-by-course evaluations from the following accredited foreign credential evaluation services: World Education Services (; Educational Credential Evaluators ( .  Questions about this procedure or about either of these services should be directed to the Graduate School

3.  LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.  You must have a minimum of three letters of recommendation that are sent directly from recommenders whose email addresses you provide in your application.    Once you submit the application, an email will automatically be sent to the recommenders telling them how to submit a letter of recommendation electronically.  This is the only way that a letter of recommendation may be sent.  The Graduate School does not accept letters of recommendation in hard copy.   Insofar as possible, you should request your recommendations from current or former professors.  Persons who can attest to your potential for success in a graduate program in Hispanic language, literature and culture will be your most effective advocates.

4.  VOICE RECORDINGS. Recorded voice samples are the only supporting documents that are NOT TO BE SUMBITTED ONLINE.  They should be created as data files (NOT music CD files) and should be sent as email attachment or as a file on a CD to the Graduate Coordinator for Spanish.

5.  WRITTEN SAMPLES.  Written samples or statements should be done as electronic documents such as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded into your application on APPLY YOURSELF.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I apply if I did not get a B.A. in Spanish?

Yes, it is possible to be admitted to the program without holding an undergraduate degree in Spanish.  Typically, applicants must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in Spanish (such as an Intermediate High rating on the ACTFL proficiency scale).  It also strengthens your application if you can demonstrate familiarity with Spanish and Latin American literature, Spanish linguistics, Hispanic culture studies, etc.  It is recommended that you contact the Spanish Graduate Coordinator to set up an interview to discuss your particular case.

2) Can I pursue the M.A. in Spanish part-time? Can this program completed solely online?

You can pursue the M.A. in Spanish part-time.  The only stipulation the Graduate School places is that the degree be completed within a period of five years.  We offer many classes in the evening for those who work during regular business hours or commute from surrounding areas.  From time to time we offer courses in the summer, but we cannot guarantee this every year. 

The graduate programs in Spanish at UNCW are designed to be face-to-face.  While we may offer online classes at the discretion of faculty, at the present our program is not an online program.

3) How do I let you know that I am interested in applying for a teaching assistantship?

Make sure to check the box on the electronic application that asks if you are interested in an assistantship.

4) Is the entire application done electronically?

The entire application is submitted electronically through the Graduate School with the exception of your audio recording(s).  These are emailed as an .mp3 attachment to the Graduate Coordinator.  In the application you will provide contact information for your three recommenders who will receive a secure link to provide their evaluation and letter of recommendation electronically.

5) Can my letters of recommendation be in Spanish?

Yes.  We accept letters of recommendation in either English or Spanish.


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