P.J. Lapaire, Ph.D.

Description: Lapaire PJ     Professor of French
     Office: Leutze Hall 282
     Telephone: (910) 962-3825
     FAX: (910) 962-7712 
     E-mail: lapairep

     B.A., M.A., University of Perpignan, France
     M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


PJ Lapaire: BA, MA, English, France; MA and PhD, French, Chapel Hill. Came to UNCW in 1985. Chair, 1995-99; French Section Head,1990-2007. Specialist of mid-twentieth Century French Drama and Stylistics,and Albert Camus. Has published over fifteen articles on Camus,poetry and poetics, and on various genres and works. Published two books: A critical study of French playwright Motherlant, and a collection of poetry published in Paris.More recently, he has worked on cultural studies and popular culture. Now working on French Colonial Wars, and Franco-Beur rap group ZEBDA. His high-energy style of teaching was once described as "French calisthenics".






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