Pascale Barthe

Pascale Barthe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French

Phone: 910-962-3595
E-mail: barthep@uncw.edu
Office: Leutze Hall 291

Ksenia Belanger Photo

Ksenia Belanger, Lecturer of French

Phone: 910-962-2887
E-mail: belangerk@uncw.edu
Office: Bear Hall 214

Greta Bliss Photo

Greta Bliss, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Francophone Studies

Phone: 910-962-3344
E-mail: blissg@uncw.edu
Office: Leutze Hall 283

Scott Juall

Scott Juall, Ph.D., Associate Professor of French

Phone: 910-962-7923
E-mail: jualls@uncw.edu
Office: Leutze Hall 293

 P.J. Lapaire



P.J. Lapaire, Ph.D., Professor of French

Phone: 910-962-3825
Email: lapairep@uncw.edu
Office: Leutze Hall 282




Donna McQueen, Lecturer of French

Phone: 910-962-3340
Email: mcqueend@uncw.edu
Office: Bear Hall 214

Michelle Tessier

Michelle Scatton-Tessier, Ph.D., Chair, Department of World Languages & Cultures


Phone: 910-962-4095
E-mail: scattonm@uncw.edu
Office: Leutze Hall 275


David Spieser Photo



David Spieser, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of French


Phone: 910-962-7311
Office: Leutze Hall 294


Eric Tessier

Eric Tessier, M.A., Lecturer of French

Phone: 910-962-3885
Email: tessiere@uncw.edu
Office: Kennan Hall 1229






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