Regina R. Félix, Ph.D.

Description: Felix Associate Professor of Portuguese
Office: Leutze Hall 277
Tel: (910) 962-7310
FAX: (910) 962-7712
E-mail: felixr

Bacharelado, Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Regina R. Félix has created and taught courses in all levels of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies that cover sociopolitical and gender issues in literature, music, film, television, and print & digital media. Courses typically taught focus on issues under various angles: depictions of Brazilian women in literature, art, film, television, and music; class, gender, and racial issues in Brazilian culture in a historical perspective; nation-building representations in Brazilian literature; the short story genre as the urban variety of the oral storytelling. Dr. Félix has also taught Honors Enrichment Seminars on Brazilian Studies and created a course for the Honors Introduction to International Studies. She initiated the establishment of the UNC Portuguese Consortium organized among six campuses across the UNC system which is already sharing Portuguese classes and also the Minor in Brazilian/Portuguese Studies at UNCW. Dr. Félix's research deals with literature and cinema and focuses on the gender, race, and class underpinnings of power relations in national and transnational contexts. She has published articles on national and international journals and edited volumes and is the author of Sedução e Heroísmo--Imaginação de Mulher (Editora Mulheres, 2007), a book on Brazilian women writers. Her new book-length project looks at Brazilian women directors that contribute new perspectives of Brazilian history in film. Dr. Félix is co-editor of the volume Face-à-Face: Cultural,Intellectual, and Political Exchanges between Brazil and France--16th-21st Centuries with Dr. Scott Juall. She is an involved participant in related programs and serves as a faculty in the Latin American Studies Minor and as member of the advisory councils of both the International Studies Program and Centro Hispano. She has organized numerous international film exhibits at UNCW.

Recent Publications

  • Edited Volume. Félix, Regina R. and Scott D. Juall Eds. Cultural Exchanges between Brazil and France. Comparative Cultural Studies Series. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, forthcoming fall 2015.
  • Article: "Iracema, sublime objeto da nacionalidade" [Iracema, Sublime Object of Nationality]. Invited to contribute to the volume José de Alencar: século XXI [José de Alencar: 21st Century], a volume devoted to new perspectives on the analysis of eminent Brazilian writer José de Alencar's. Fortaleza: Universidade Federal do Ceará, forthcoming fall 2015.


  • Article: "The Migrant in Helena Solberg's Bananas Is My Business". Migration on Lusophone Cinema. Rego, Cacilda and Marcus Brasileiro Eds. New York: Palgrave, 2014. Pp. 203-219.


  • Chapter on Comedy. Félix, Regina R. Volume Introduction, organization, and editing. Pinazza, Natália and Louis Bayman Eds. Directory of World Cinema: Brazil. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013. Pp. 231-233.


  • Article. "Tom, volume e arranjo no chiaroscuro da memória: Sinfonia em Branco de Adriana Lisboa [Tone, Volume, and Arrangement in the Chiaroscuro of Memory: Symphony in White by Adriana Lisboa ]". Estudos de Literatura Brasileira Contemporânea. Brasilia: Horizonte. 37 (2011): 93-103.
  • Article. "Amarelo Manga Inculto e Belo [Mango Yellow Uncouth and Beautiful]" Gabriela Lírio and Angélica Coutinho Eds. Interseções: Cinema e Literatura. Rio de Janeiro: 7 Letras, 2010. Pp. 114-124.


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