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Post-Baccalaureate Program in Hispanic Studies

The specific goals of this 18-hour cerficate program in Hispanic Studies are:

  • to prepare qualified candidates for cross-cultural professions;
  • to enable students to function at a high level of linguistic proficiency in Spanish; and
  • to prepare community college, four-year college or university instructors, who, according to SACS guidelines, must have at least 18 hours of graduate credit in order to teach Spanish.

Courses are taught by faculty with specializations in Hispanic linguistics, film, literature, culture, business, translation, and foreign language pedagogy.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants seeking admission to the certificate program should hold a bachelor's degree in Spanish from an accredited college or university with an overall 3.00 GPA or its equivalent. Students that do not hold a bachelor's degree in Spanish should contact the Graduate Coordinator to determine if they meet the requirements for the equivalent of a degree in Spanish. Typically, applicants without a bachelor's degree in Spanish must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in Spanish (by a personal interview with the faculty or an officially recognized test procedure, such as an "intermediate high" rating on the ACTFL proficiency scale). It is also advantageous when such applicants can demonstrate familiarity with Spanish and Latin American literature, Spanish linguistics, Hispanic culture studies, etc.

Applicants are required to submit the following to the Graduate School:

  • An application for graduate admission
  • Official transcripts of all college work (undergraduate and graduate, U.S. and foreign universities)
  • Three references
  • A 500-word essay in Spanish in which applicant describes her/his reasons for wanting to pursue graduate work in Spanish
  • An audio recording in which the applicant introduces her/himself, describes a person she/he admires, or describes a trip she/he took in Spanish. (The speaking sample should be sent as a data file and not a music CD file)

The application deadline for fall admission is midnight eastern time June 15; for spring admission, the application deadline is midnight eastern time November 1.

*These admissions requirements apply only to the graduate certificate program in Hispanic Studies. Students interested in combining the certificate program with a master's degree will have to meet all admission criteria for that degree.

Student Learning Outcomes Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Hispanic Studies

Students will:

SLO 1: Be able to write a professionally acceptable research paper or opinion piece in Spanish, with appropriate use of language, tone, style, register and critical apparatus.

SLO 2: Be able to read, understand and utilize texts in Spanish at a professional level. Specifically s/he will be able to manage primary resources in Spanish as well as secondary resources in Spanish (such as articles in professional journals)

SLO 3: Be able effectively to communicate his/her thoughts in spoken language with fluency and linguistic accuracy; communicate both concrete and abstract ideas in a manner clearly understood by an educated native speaker of the language; speak on matters of personal interest as well as those of an academic or professional interest in a manner clearly understood by an educated native speaker; sustain extended discourse using "spoken paragraphs'; express an opinion effectively and defend that opinion.

SLO 4: Be able to comprehend non-technical main ideas expressed in standard dialect; comprehend ideas pertaining to technical or professional topics; understand standard idioms and colloquialisms; understand cultural inferences; grasp for cultural references; and understand speech delivered at a normal pace.

Certificate Requirements:

9 hour core (choose one from each category)

  • Required: SPN 500 Advanced Writing Techniques (3)

Chose one of the following courses:

  • SPN 511 Topics in Spanish Civilization (3) or
  • SPN 512 Topics in Spanish American Civilization *(3)

Chose one of the following courses:

  • SPN 521 Studies in Spanish Literature (3) or
  • SPN 522 Studies in Spanish American Literature *(3)

*Students must choose at least one Spanish and one Spanish-American related course from these two categories.

9 hours of electives

Choose from any of the remaining graduate SPN courses.

SPN 511, 512, 521, and 522 (variable topics) may be taken to satisfy this requirement provided the topic is different from the topic used to satisfy the literature/civilization core requirement above. No more than three hours of SPN 591 (offered on a limited basis) will be accepted for credit.

N.B. If a student has taken SPN 401 or SPN 405 at the undergraduate level, she/he must meet with the graduate director in order to be permitted to enroll in SPN 501 or SPN 505.

Information on How to Apply for the Hispanic Studies Certificate

For more information contact:

Dr. Brian Chandler
Department of World Languages and Cultures
UNC Wilmington
Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: (910) 962-2299

Or contact:

Kimberly Goerne Harris
Graduate School Admissions
UNCW, Wilmington, NC 28403-3297
Phone: 910-962-7449
Fax: 910-962-3787