Program Governance

Faculty are a key resource for the effective administration of the Master in Coastal and Ocean Policy (MCOP) program. As an interdisciplinary program, several departments on campus have an interest in and are represented by MCOP. Two separate but related decision making groups guide program development, the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Faculty Council. These groups work to: 1) Ensure the broad and diverse knowledge base represented by the departments are available to enrich students' learning and experience; 2) Foster MCOP as a platform for the development of mutually beneficial relationships among departments; and 3) Ensure representation of department interests, concerns, and expertise in program growth and development.

As leaders in promoting the success of the MCOP program and its students, members of the Faculty Advisory Committee and Council act as points of contact for students seeking additional guidance and opportunities relevant to a member's academic field.

Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee works to guide the growth and development of the Master of Coastal and Ocean Policy program. Some of the tasks taken up by the committee are student admissions, program assessments, and curriculum development.

Dr. Jessica Weinkle, Dept. of Public and International Affairs
Dr. Jennifer Biddle, Dept. of Public and International Affairs
Dr. Stephen Skrabal, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. James Rotenberg, Dept. of Environmental Studies

Faculty Advisory Council

Members of the Faculty Council are points of contact for the exchange of information between the Faculty Advisory Committee and departments not represented by members of the Council. From time to time, the Council may vote on issues where the Committee is split or considers of particular importance to warrant broader inclusion.

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