Center for Marine Science Research Faculty

Dr. D. Wilson Freshwater: molecular systematics and evolution of marine organisms, especially marine plants and algae; marine floristic studies including the marine algal floras of North Carolina and Panama

Dr. Michael A. Mallin: meteorological and physical factors that effect phytoplankton and zooplankton ecology; general water quality issues

Dr. Jerome Naar: marine phycotoxins, and detection methods for environmental issues of water quality and food safety. Laboratory objectives are 1) develop sensitive immunoassays to prevent and diagnose human and other animal exposure to marine toxins 2) validate the use of these assays for regulatory monitoring purposes, 3) study transfer, accumulation and biotransformation of these toxins in aquatic food webs and 4) develop methods to mitigate the harmful impact of red tides.

Dr. Steve W. Ross: recruitment dynamics and habitats of juvenile estuarine fishes; structure of deep-sea slope fish and NC offshore reef fish communities

Dr. Wade O. Watanabe: marine finfish aquaculture (flounder, snapper, grouper, black sea bass); environmental and hormonal manipulation to control reproduction; egg, larval and juvenile quality; development of cost-effective, sustainable growout technologies.

last updated 01/31/08

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