Faculty, Staff, Students

Florida manatee

October 14, 2005 - Master's student Pam Cotten and Ann
Pabst take length measurements from a Florida manatee

Bill McLellan William McLellan - North Carolina State Stranding Coordinator

Ann Pabst Ann Pabst - Professor, Dept. of Biology and Marine Biology

Erin Cummings Erin Cummings - Aerial Observer

Ryan McAlarney Ryan McAlarney - Aerial Observer

Sarah Mallette Sarah Mallette - Marine Science Masters Student

Steven Thornton Steven Thornton
- Marine Biology Masters Student

Brandy Velten Brandy Velten - Marine Science Masters Student

Veterinarians Claire Hohenwarter & Stacy Ward - Veterinarians

Dr. Stephen Anderson, VeterinarianStephen Anderson - Veterinarian

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