MUSIC 115- Survey of Music

Instructor: Dr. Steven Errante
  phone: 962-3399
  office: CA 1024

immediately following class daily

Attendance: no attendance records are kept, but note policy below on missed quizzes or exams

Texts: Western Music Listening Today, Fourth Edition, Charles Hoffer. The text is connected with numerous resources on the publisher's web site. Links to other web materials will be given on my course web page.

Exams are indicated on the syllabus, but quizzes may be given with no prior announcement. Exams and quizzes will cover material covered in class and listening assignments made outside of class and cannot be made up unless there is an extreme personal emergency.

Class participation is a vital part of this course. The response to music is often a subjective one, so that diversity of opinion is encouraged as long as everyone maintains an open mind to unfamiliar types of music.

Grading: final grade is based on quiz and exam grades

Examination: June 16, 8 a.m.


Exposure to a variety of musical types (primarily Western classical), with an emphasis on better listening and understanding. You will need to listen enough to the assigned works to be able to identify them on a "drop the needle" basis and also be able to comment on the most important characteristics of each. Memorization will be required of the starting and ending dates of each period and to which period each composer belongs.


Thu., May 14 The Nature of Music
Mon., May 18

The Nature of Music, Early, Medieval, and Renaissance Music  

Tue., May 19

Baroque Music

Wed., May 20


Thu., May 21


Mon., May 25 MEMORIAL DAY HOLIDAY, no class
Tue., May 26


Introduction to Classical Music

Wed., May 27

Classical Music

Thu., May 28


Mon., June 1


Tue., June 2


Wed., June 3


Introduction to Romantic Music

Thu., June 4

Romantic Music

Mon., June 8


Tue., June 9


Wed., June 10


Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music

Thu., June 11

Twentieth-Century Music

Mon., June 15


Classical Music in Wilmington


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