MUSIC 211- Theory III

Instructor: Dr. Steven Errante
  phone: 962-3399
  office: CA 1024

MWF 11 a.m., Tue: 8:30 - 10 a.m.

Texts: Kostka/Payne: Tonal Harmony, 6th ed. (already purchased for MUS 111-112), with workbook

Attendance: attendance is not taken; quizzes and tests may not be made up except in case of verified personal emergency

Grade: (approximate weightings) Daily assignments:two-thirds of grade; Examinations: one-third of grade

Exams: two major, one final (Friday, Dec. 4, 8 - 11 a.m.)

Assignments: late assignments reduced one full letter grade; not accepted beyond one class period late

Use of technology: Finale is the "official" notation software for the Department of Music; it is available for both PC and Macintosh. Copies are installed on computers in the Computer Classroom; instruction will be given in its use and for some assignments, templates will be available.

Keyboard skills: you will have to play a few selected assignments at the keyboard for the class; part of the grade for the assignment will be based on the success of the performance.


Harmony: to study chromatic vocabulary, including secondary harmony, modulation, linear embellishing chords, Neapolitan and augmented sixth chords, and functional harmony up to the music of Wagner

Part-writing: continued work in SATB texture using chromatic vocabulary, also melody with chords and piano accompaniments

Analysis, Form: introduction to small forms


Week 1 Aug. 19 - 21 Review
Week 2 Aug. 24 - 28 Review of harmonization- hymns
Week 3 Aug. 31 - Sept. 4 Review of harmonization- folk songs
Week 4 Sep. 9 - 11 Chap. 16- Secondary Functions 1
Week 5 Sep. 14 - 18 Chap. 16- Secondary Functions continued
Week 6 Sep. 21 - 25 Chap. 17- Secondary Functions 2 and Modulation
Week 7 Sep. 28 - Oct. 2 Chap. 18- Modulation
Week 8 Oct. 7 - 9 Chap. 19- Modulation (incl. Chap. 21- Mod. involving mode mixture)
Week 9 Oct. 12 - 16 Exam. 1- Oct. 12
Week 10 Oct. 19 - 23 Chap. 20 Binary and Ternary Forms
Week 11 Oct. 26 - 30 Chap. 22 The Neapolitan Chord
Week 12 Nov. 2 - 6 Chap. 23 Augmented Sixth Chords 1
Week 13 Nov. 9 - 13 Chap. 24 Augmented Sixth Chords 2 Exam. 2- Nov. 13
Week 14 Nov. 16 - 20 Chap. 25 Enharmonic Spellings and Modulations
Week 15 Nov. 23 Chap. 25 continued, Chap. 26 Further Elements
Week 16 Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 Review- Dec. 3


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