MUS 130, Section 204

12:30 – 1:45 PM, Tuesday/Thursday

Room 1080 (Instrumental Rehearsal Room)


Fall, 2011



Required Materials

Course Description

Concert Dates

Learning Goals


Grading Scale & Attendance Policy

University-Wide Policies




Daniel C. Johnson, Ph.D.


Cultural Arts Building, Room 1056

Office Hours

MTWRF: 8:00 – 9:00 AM by appointment


(910) 962-7559




Course Requirements:


1.     Two ensemble rehearsals each week, one coached (usually Tuesdays) and one independent (usually Thursdays).

2.     Individual preparation of music.

3.     Attendance and punctuality is mandatory for each rehearsal.  Each absence will lower your grade one full letter.  Three tardy days will lower your grade one full letter.

4.     Each student will be required to own a metronome and a tuner, and to bring them to all rehearsals along with any materials and printed music.


Required Materials:


The only required materials are your own instrument, and any printed ensemble music. Your instructor will provide copies of the parts. You are responsible for bringing all required materials to each rehearsal.


Course Description:


The study and performance of chamber music, transcribed as well as written for brass ensemble, from various style periods in music history.


Learning Goals:


1.     To demonstrate various music performance practices by performing music of varying styles & genres for brass ensembles.

2.     To develop ensemble performance skills, such as intonation, tonal blend, dynamic control, rhythmic accuracy, and instrumental roles within the ensemble.

3.     To perform music with a satisfactory level of performance ability, skill competency, and musicianship.

The corresponding course objectives are to study the assigned repertoire, perform on a regular basis, and analyze musical performances with respect to the above learning goals. These objectives and goals will be accomplished through regular listening, analysis, and performance of various compositions during weekly rehearsals and individual preparation between rehearsals.


Concert Dates:

á       The ensemble will perform on at least one of the Student Seminars on Tuesdays from 3:30   4:45 PM.

á       In addition, the ensemble may audition for the Honors Recital this term.

á       Also, the ensemble may perform off-campus. In that case, at least two weeksÕ notice and complete instructions will be given by the instructor.

Grading Scale & Attendance Policy:

Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances.

á   Each unexcused absence from a rehearsal lowers your final grade by one-third of a letter grade.

á   Each unexcused absence from a performance lowers your final grade by 2 letter grades.

á   Each tardy will count as one-half of an absence as does leaving a rehearsal early.


Excused absences/tardies do not count against your final grade.  Absences are excused for illness, emergencies, or pre-approved academic obligations (i.e. tests).


For an absence to count as excused, you must email Dr. Johnson before the scheduled rehearsal.  Include in your email:

á   Your name

á   Date of anticipated absence

á   Reason for absence


In emergency situations where email is not possible (e.g. car broke down on the way to rehearsal), please call Dr. Johnson at 962-7559 and leave a message. 

If you talk to Dr. Johnson about an absence, you must also send a follow-up email. Documentation is important.


Grading Scale:


Each rehearsal will be graded (A – F) including +/- grading. The final grade for the course will be an average of each rehearsal grade. In addition, the course grade will be lowered if requirements such as concert attendance and other course requirements have not been met.

The student will earn an A if he/she:

The student will earn a B if he/she:

The student will earn a C if he/she:

The student will earn a D if he/she:

The student will earn an F if he/she:


Short-comings in any of these areas (e.g. under-prepared, non-responsive in rehearsals, or persistent performance errors) will be reflected in the overall course grade.


Important Resources:

Dr. JohnsonÕs Faculty Web Page

Custom Music

Windsong Press

Summit Brass

Carolina Brass

The Sotto Voce tuba quartet

UNCW Department  of Music Concert Calendar

UNCW Department  of Music Scholarship Information

Randall Library for print and audio resources, in particular, recordings of brass ensembles are very helpful listening and study resources.


**Please turn off all cell phones and pager devices during seminar and rehearsals.**


University-Wide Policies

Religious Observance Policy
In accordance with NC SL 2010-211, you are entitled to two excused absences for religious observances per academic year. You must inform your instructor in writing the first week of class if you will be missing any classes due to religious observance and using one of the two permissible absences for the academic year. In addition, please inform the Registrar the first week of class who will then confirm your intentions to miss class with the impacted course instructors. Any absence for religious purposes will be considered unexcused unless you submit the request in writing the first week to either your instructor and the Registrar.
Zero Tolerance Policy
UNCW practices a zero tolerance policy for violence and harassment of any kind. For emergencies contact UNCW CARE at 962-2273; Campus Police at 962-3184; or Wilmington Police at 911.  For University or community resources visit: Violence prevention information and resources available at We will focus several class discussions on the importance of reducing violence and increasing tolerance in schools and at UNCW.
Cell Phones, PDAs, Laptops
Please silence your cell phone and do not make calls, access applications or text during class. If you have a personal, urgent matter for which you need to be on call, please let your instructor know in advance. In addition, please do not have active any PDAs or laptops/netbooks/iPads open and active unless the activity warrants. We will use these devices in selected activities and they are permissible then.

The UNCW Statement on Diversity in the University Community
As an institution of higher learning, the University of North Carolina Wilmington represents a rich diversity of human beings among its faculty, staff, and students and is committed to maintaining a campus environment that values that diversity. Accordingly, the university supports policies, curricula, and co-curricular activities that encourage understanding of and appreciation for all members of its community and will not tolerate any harassment or disrespect for persons because of race, gender, age, color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religion, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, or relationship to other university constituents. Students with Disabilities information and resources available at




The above syllabus for this course is subject to change by the instructor. In the event of any alteration, written changes to the syllabus will be provided at least one week before they take effect.