I.          Instructor- Robert Nathanson                                   

                                    Office-Room KE 209

Office hours-by appointment (feel free to discuss concerns before or after class and/or to schedule an appointment)

                                    Office phone/962-3445 



II.          Course Objectives

To develop and acquire: correct sitting position, left and right hand technique, musicianship, learn studies, exercises, repertoire, and practice technique and routine


      III.          Course Requirements                                  

This course requires the student to practice one to three hours a day (195/395-1 hr., 196/396-2hrs., 197/397-3hrs).


Each student is required to attend eight concerts per music dept. handbook


     IV.          Textbook/Materials                                        

There is no textbook.  The student is required to purchase all music studied.


      V.          Attendance Policy                        

                     Since we only meet once a week attendance is very important.  More than two absences will result

                     in having your grade lowered one letter for each absence beyond two.  You must attend

                     Departmental Seminars (last Tuesday of each month and can be counted for concert attendance). 


VI.          Exams

All students are required to perform in a jury for the music faculty at the end of the semester. The grade from the jury will count towards 25% of the final grade.


    VII.          Grading

                     I will determine the remaining 75% of your grade based upon effort and achievement.  I will present

                     progress reports upon request.