Music 363 / Syllabus / Fall 2005









 I. Instructor-Robert Nathanson


       Office-Room KE 209

       Office hours: by appointment

       Office phone/962-3445 



II. Course Description: A study of the stylistic development of music and related social and historical events of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Required for B.M. degree in music; elective for B.A. and B.M.E. degrees in music.  Prerequisites:  Music 352, 301, or permission of instructor. 


III. Course Requirements                     


       Concert Attendance


During the semester you are required to attend eight concerts. 


       Daily/Weekly assignments

       One 6-8 page term paper due before Thanksgiving break


IV. Textbook/Materials                                           


       A History of Western Music, Sixth Edition, Grout, Norton

       Norton Anthology of Western Music, Vol. II 4th edition, Norton

       CD set, Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music, Vol. 2, Classic to Modern


V. Attendance Policy           


       Each three absences will result in a one-half grade reduction.


VI. Exams


       There will be three mid-terms and one final exam. The final is cumulative.


       Test I--September 8

       Test II--October 20

       Test III- November 17

       Final--Thursday, December 8, 11:30 am- 2:30 pm 


 VII.  Academic Honor Code, Please refer to Student Code of Life, (UNCW Student Handbook)