Music 130/330   Chamber Music Workshop - Percussion Ensemble


Instructor: John Rack   Office: CA1053   Phone: 962-3729


Course Description: 

Percussion Ensemble is a chamber ensemble consisting primarily of percussionists, with other instrumentalists or vocalists being invited to perform selected repertoire when appropriate.  The ensemble rehearses approximately two hours a week and performs a minimum of one concert per semester.


The chamber music setting provides percussionists with the opportunity to perform from a significant body of contemporary percussion ensemble literature and transcriptions of music from various style periods.  Performance and listening skills are stressed along with technique on numerous percussion instruments not generally covered in applied lessons.  The ensemble also provides a vital part of the preparation necessary for percussion study at the graduate level.



Š       Acquisition of chamber music performance skills, including the ability to work without a conductor when appropriate

Š       Improved percussion technique on familiar instruments and the development of technique on multiple setups and any unfamiliar instruments that might be encountered



Š       Permission from the instructor

Š       Prior training in multiple areas of percussion



Š       Regular attendance and participation in all rehearsals and performances

Š       Conscientious preparation of all assigned parts



            A = consistently high level of preparation for rehearsals; responsive to advice

and adjusts to meet ensemble's musical goals.  No more than one absence from



            B = generally high level of preparation but with occasional inadequate

            preparation; generally responsive to advice and ensemble’s musical goals but with

            occasional shortcomings.  No more than two absences from rehearsals.


            C = level of preparation is often unsatisfactory; at times inflexible or unresponsive

            to advice and ensemble's musical goals.  No more than three absences from



            D = level of preparation is unsatisfactory more than half of the time; generally

            unresponsive to advice and contributes little to ensemble's musical goals.  No more than

            four absences from rehearsals.


            F = level of preparation is consistently inadequate; fails to contribute to ensemble’s goals.