Mus 235  Jazz improvisation I – Fall 2006


Prerequisite: Mus 112, Mus136 or consent of the instructor

Instructor : Jerald  Shynett

Office : CAB1040        Phone: 962-7728

Office hours : M-F 8:00-8:50 by appointment only





Assignments               20%

Written Tests               20%

Playing Tests               20%

Final                            20%

Transcription               20 %


Description: Performance oriented course which explores a variety of methods which will aid the student in gaining a better understanding of the art improvisation. 




1. To gain a basic understanding of the jazz language through analysis and performance


2. To construct an improvised solo over common progressions


3. To build a strong foundation in theory and tune learning


Attendance:  Students are required to be present at all regular class meetings and exams.

Any unexcused absence over three will result in the dropping of a letter grade off your final grade for the course 


Course Schedule:


Topic 1 Jazz Theory Fundamentals: triads, seventh chords, modes, functional harmony, etc.


Topic 2 Common progressions: group 1 voicings


Topic 3 The blues progression: group 2 voicings


Topic 4 Blues with alterations group 3 voicings


Topic 5 ŇAll the Things You AreÓ, group 4 voicings