Theory II

MUS 112 - Spring, 2008


Class               MWF 9:00 - 10:00 AM, CA 1023


Course            This course is the second half of an in-depth study of melody, rhythm, and Description      harmony.  We will continue partwriting and learning basic harmonic progressions.                           We will also continue analyzing works from standard music literature. 


Textbook        Tonal Harmony, 5th ed., by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne (including the

                        workbook and two CDs).  A good supply of staff paper will also be needed for

                        assignments and quizzes.  Some assignments on Practica Musica may be given.


Instructor      Dr. Mary Jo White, Assistant Professor in the Music Department


Office              Office hours by appointment – MWF 10-12; T, Th 12-2

CAB 1026; 962-7727


Concepts        By the semester's end, the students should be able to write and analyze diatonic

                        triads and seventh chords in all inversions.  They should also be able to harmonize

                        simple melodies with standard harmonic progressions.


Grading          Grading will be based on three in-class exams (50%)  and an average of all                          assignments handed-in (25%) and pop quizzes (25%).  There will be daily

                        assignments; some will be reviewed in class and others will be collected for            

                        grades.  The ten point grading scale will be used (i.e., 90-100=A, 80-89=B,

                        70-79=C, 60-69=D, Below 60=F).



                        IN THIS CLASS.  If you must miss class, give your assignments to another

                        student to turn in or leave them in my mailbox BEFORE class.  Late assignments

                        will NOT be accepted.  Quizzes will not be made up.  You may only miss TWO of

                        each after which they will be given a grade of "0."  Exams will only be made up

                        with a valid excuse (i.e., serious illness, death in the family, etc.)


            General Outline for the Semester

Weeks 1-4:      Triads in first inversion (partwriting), Intro to counterpoint, pp. 117-134.

Weeks 5-6:      Triads in second inversion, pp. 135-146.

Weeks 7-8:      Cadences, phrases, periods, pp. 147-166.

Weeks 9-10:    Nonchord tones (writing and embellishing), pp. 167-194.

Weeks 11-12:  Dominant Seventh chords, pp. 195-214.

Weeks 13-14:  Supertonic and Leading Tone Seventh chords, pp. 215-228.

Weeks 15-16: Other seventh chords, pp. 229-242.


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