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Friday, June 13, 2014

By: Savanna Mitchell

For most UNCW students, summer has meant lazy beach days and zero responsibilities. Even so, for some it now means beginning a new chapter, in which resides a very serious reality check. The Department of Communication Studies released their latest batch of graduates into the world this May. Several students within the COM Department looking forward to graduation were excited to share details before the event on where they planned to go and how they planned to get there.

Kelly Dahlheimer is excited to take her first steps as a professional. She chose to double major in Communication Studies and Business Administration with the hopes of landing a job in a Marketing or Advertising firm. Ideally, she would go into business consulting in an attempt to help struggling businesses restore a tarnished or faded image. Her biggest influence over the years has been her father and she looks forward to continuing in his footsteps. “My dad was in business all his life so his connections and knowledge have helped me determine my path,” says Kelly.  Thanks to the Communication Studies program she will be fully prepared to effectively communicate with businesses and use PR and IMC tactics to get them back on their feet.

According to Connor Brookes, Communication Studies was the perfect choice for his career path. His plan is to take the summer off and attend law school in the fall. He says that, “with a solid understanding of oral and written rhetoric, I hold the skills that will make me a successful lawyer one day.” While he is not interested in pursuing a career in Communication Studies, he knows he will apply the knowledge and skills he obtained at UNCW. Thanks to classes like Nonverbal Communication and Mediation, Connor believes he will be able to better understand his clients as well as be able to look at the law from a variety of perspectives. His interest in law began at an early age and has been strongly encouraged by his father over the years. “I believe the support of my family and the understanding I have of communication will be the two factors that get me through law school,” he states.

Anna Phillips, has decided to follow her passion for journalism with the hopes of being hired as a reporter or journalist. She chose to double up as well by pairing Communication Studies with English. Communication has provided her with knowledge of broadcast journalism and studio production to benefit her as a reporter. She does not currently have a job lined up but says that she has applied to over 80 job openings around the country and is prepared to pick up and leave for the right one. In her own words, “I could end up anywhere from North Dakota to Florida at this point, and am willing to relocate to a station that hires me.” 

Communication Studies is a degree on the rise and more businesses are seeking out the skills our major provides. Most students do not come to college with a set plan, yet these graduates agree that choosing Communication Studies was a wise choice and feel confident that it has equipped them with a variety of skills. No student is the same and yet with the versatility of the COM Department, each graduate can be sure they are ready for that next step. Kelly was able to sum it up by saying “I think the knowledge I have gained from Communication classes will be in my subconscious mind at all times and I will apply the skills and signs I have learned to navigate communication in both my professional and personal worlds.”