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Making Networking Work for You

Do you remember your first job? Maybe you did yard work for a friend of your parents over the summer. Perhaps you babysat on the weekends for that young couple from church. Or maybe your friend got you hired on as a cashier at the store they worked in. But what do all of these stories have in common? More

TealTV Becoming More Than Just an Organization

TealTV is UNCW’s student television station. It was created and is run entirely by students of UNCW. TealTV covers sports, news, and entertainment for all of UNCW. The organization provides hands on experience for students in on-air anchoring, video editing, writing, and filming.More

Communication Studies Society Inside and Out

Looking to become involved in a non-profit organization? Whether you are a student interested in building your resume, a sponsor wanting to support the local community, or a faculty member looking to help students outside of the classroom, the Communication Studies Society is more than worthy of your consideration.More

Collaborative Film Forms Student-Teacher Colleagues

The Department of Communication Studies has many different hands on experiences available to students. Dr. Julie-Ann Scott teaches about storytelling and performance studies; with this she offered her students an opportunity to be cast in a 60-minute performance ethnographic film that would be submitted for national review.More