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WCE Expands Recruitment Efforts to Include Video, Local Media

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Maurice Martinez, Watson College of Education professor and documentary film producer, has created a video to promote the college. The video titled, “Why Watson,” features five WCE graduates who are now successful teachers in early childhood, elementary, middle grades, high school and special education. The video appears on the Watson College website and can be viewed here >

WectThe college is also experimenting with local media advertising as a means of raising awareness of the college and supplementing traditional student recruitment efforts. In April, the college sponsored Cosmos, a successful science program that runs Sunday evenings on Fox Wilmington. In May, WCE launched a digital advertising campaign to promote the Master of Arts in Teaching in secondary education. The promotional ads will run on wect.com through June.

Dennis Kubasko was also interviewed by Meghan Donohue for a Business Break promoting the M.A.T. in secondary education that aired on May 15.