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Staff Directory

Please address questions or comments to the appropriate staff members -- they will try to respond in a timely manner. Please note that many staff members spend considerable time in the field while supporting operations and may not immediately respond.

Andrew Shepard Center Director (910) 962-2446
Thomas Potts Associate Director (910) 962-2442
Otto Rutten Associate Director (305) 451-0233
Dr. Ellen Prager Chief Scientist, Aquarius Reef Base (305) 720-7070
Lance Horn NC Operations Director (910) 962-2443
Craig Cooper FL Operations Director (305) 451-0233
Other North Carolina-based staff (910):
Virginia Baysden Budget Specialist 962-2406
Aaron Alexander Data Manager 962-2441
Doug Kesling NC Dive Safety Officer 962-2445
Glenn Taylor Operations Field Manager 962-2317
Other Florida-based staff (305-451-0233):
Jim Buckley Aquarius Habitat Manager x203
Mark Chiappone Research Associate x220
Roger Garcia FL Dive Safety Officer x207
Mark Hulsbeck Operations Field Manager x204
Dominic Landucci Dive Specialist x214
Leanne Rutten Research Associate x202
Mike Smith Dayboat Captain x222
Dione Swanson Research Associate N/A
James Talacek Operations Field Manager x216

Mailing Addresses:

NOAA’s Undersea Research Center
University of North Carolina Wilmington
5600 Marvin K. Moss Lane
Wilmington, NC 28409
phone: (910) 962-2301
fax: (910) 962-2444

NOAA’s Undersea Research Center
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Florida Keys Research Program
515 Caribbean Drive
Key Largo, FL 33037
phone: (305) 451-0233
fax: (305) 453-9719