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Format and forms for proposals seeking support in 2006 and 2007

The center is soliciting proposals for fourspecific funding opportunities. Full proposal guidelines are available in Adobe pdf format.

Requisite Forms (Forms are interactive and can be filled out electronically. Forms can only be saved if edited with a full version of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later. They cannot be saved using Acrobat Reader).

The following forms need only be completed, printed and submitted with original proposal. They cannot be saved unless they are edited with Adobe Acrobat 7.0:

The following forms need to be completed, printed and submitted with original proposal AND sent electronically:

Forms are also available as MS Word documents

Final Proposal Format

It is extremely important that final proposals are complete and adhere to a standard format , including :

INCLUDED in the 15-page limit: Visual materials, including charts, graphs, maps, photographs and other pictorial presentations.

NOT INCLUDED in the 15-page limit: Literature cited, subcontract description, biographical sketches and appendices.

Note: A digital copy of the proposal text must accompany the hard copy on CD. Alternatively, it can be emailed as an attachment to . Text should be saved in one of the following formats:

Please keep in mind that the digital copy may be sent to reviewers in lieu of a hard copy if so requested by reviewers.

Proposals that are not consistent with these instructions may be returned without further consideration by NURC/UNCW. Deviation from the prescribed guidelines must be obtained in writing from the center at least two weeks prior to the proposal deadline.

Submission Deadlines

Preliminary proposals are required and must be submitted by email by July 1, 2005. Pre-proposals should be less than three (3) pages and give a summary of the proposed research, describe research goals and facilities/equipment requirements, outline time or logistic constraints, give area of operations including depths, and estimate the level of support required. This will ensure that appropriate research guidelines are addressed, and permit operations staff to evaluate feasibility. Preliminary proposals should be sent to the appropriate contact listed on page two.

Proposal deadline: Proposals must be received by the center no later than August 19, 2005. Send proposals to address below:

Thomas Potts
5600 Marvin Moss Lane
Wilmington, NC 28409
Ph: 910-962-2442
Fax: 910-962-2444