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Since 1988, NURC/UNCW has amassed over 700 hours of underwater video footage from ocean habitats around the world, from coral reefs to submarine canyons, and from the poles to the tropics. These tapes contain footage that is used for several purposes including: 1) original footage archive for science community research projects; 2) digital clips for television and Web products; and 3) clips and original tapes for use by managers, for example, for habitat characterization efforts (e.g., Oculina GIS CD and website).

In 1999, the center began to transfer footage from magnetic media to digital media through NOAA's Environmental Science Data and Information Management program. The ESDIM project involves: 1) rescue of tapes on to DVD disks; 2) logging of important content into a video database that is linked to the NURP management information system; and 3) digitization of important and interesting sequences and creation of clip collections that will be available to the public via the Web by the end of 2004.

Images on center Web pages are available for a variety of uses. Please see the center's image use policy for details.

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