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Option 3 - Temporary Diver Authorization

A diver who is unable to meet direct reciprocity or exempted diver qualifications will be required to participate in a diver qualification program to receive temporary authorization to dive. This temporary authorization will allow the scientist to dive under NURC/UNCW auspices until completion of the NURC/UNCW sponsored research mission, expiration of physical examination, or six (6) months from last logged dive, whichever occurs first. Divers choosing this option must comply with the following:

Please download and complete all forms required for first time center divers or renewal divers. If you have previously worked with NURC/UNCW under NOAA Diving Program Guidelines, you will receive credit for the previous diver training.

Option 3 Forms:

Medical examination forms

(1) - First time center divers
(R) - Divers with previous center diving authorization

Diving Protocols and Forms

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington is an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). To participate in NURC/UNCW–sponsored diving you must meet one of the following qualification options listed below. Note: all requisite forms are included under each subsection.

Option 1 - Direct reciprocity (for divers coming from an AAUS organizational member institution, NOAA Diving Program, or military dive training).

Option 2 - Exempted diving programs (scientific divers coming from a diving program not affiliated with AAUS, NOAA, or the military can apply for permission to dive under NURC/UNCW auspices if their institution meets the OSHA commercial diving regulations exemption for scientific diving programs).

Option 3 - Temporary diver authorization (for divers unable to meet either of the above options).

Option 4 - VIP authorization (Applicable only under special circumstances and requires prior authorization from center staff).