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Post-Mission Reporting

An annual project summary report and representative digital images taken during the mission, if applicable, are due two weeks after the end of the mission. Copies of the report should be returned to Lance Horn.


All investigators are expected to publish their results in refereed journals within two years of their last mission. Future funding is contingent upon a successful publication record. Authors are expected to cite support from NOAA and the center in all publications resulting wholly or partially from center sponsored activities. Appropriate acknowledgment is: "This research was funded ('in part' if appropriate) by a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Undersea Research center at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington pursuant to NOAA award number 03OAR4300088."

Reprints and journal citations should be sent to Tom Potts.

Photographs, slides and videotapes

Press releases

An official press release on the overall program and on specific missions may be prepared by NURC/UNCW and the mission chief scientist to be used by all program participants for distribution to the news media at an agreed upon date. In a similar manner, official program photographs and movies may be developed. As news stories and releases evolve, it is essential that proper credits and acknowledgments be given to program participants and the center. Notification of any such interviews and releases should be provided to the center as soon as possible.

Mission Forms