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Deep Submersible Vehicles in Service or Available Worldwide
CountrySubmersibleOperatorDepthDate Built or Modified
USAAlvinWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution4,500 m1964/mod 1973
 CleliaHarbor Branch Institution of Oceanography350 m1974
 Sea-Link 1Harbor Branch800 m1971
 Sea-Link 2Harbor Branch800 m1975
 Diving SaucerJacques Cousteau Society350 m1959
 Nekton GammaCaribbean Research Lab300 m1970
 NR-1U.S. Navy700 m1969
 Pisces VUniversity of Hawaii1,500 m1973
 SnooperUndersea Graphics300 m1969
 DeltaDelta Oceanographics, Inc.300 m1982
RussiaArgosP.P. Shirshov Institute600 m1975
 MIR IP.P. Shirshov Institute6,000 m1987
 MIR IIP.P. Shirshov Institute6,000 m1987
 OsmotrP.P. Shirshov Institute300 m1985
 Pisces XIP.P. Shirshov Institute2,000 m1975
 Pisces XIIP.P. Shirshov Institute2,000 m1975
UkraineSever 2Academy of Science2,000 m1969
 Sever 2 BisAcademy of Science2,000 m1970
 Benthos IAcademy of Science300 m1969
 Benthos IIAcademy of Science300 m1972
 Tinro-2Academy of Science400 m1973
 Tinro-2 BisAcademy of Science400 m1974
FranceCyanaIFREMER3,000 m1970
 Deep Rover 2Ellipse Program1,000 m1994
 NautileIFREMER6,000 m1985
 SagaIFREMER600 m1987
 450-VaimanaPapete, Tahiti Industrie et Tourisme Sous-Marin450 m1982
JapanShinkai 2000JAMSTEC2,000 m1981
 Shinkai 6500JAMSTEC6,500 m1987
CanadaDeep RoverCan Dive1,000 m1984
RomaniaSC-200Institute of Oceanology200 m1979
 SM-358 300 m1979
SwitzerlandA.F. ForelPiccard500 m1979
GermanyJAGOMax Planck Institute500 m1990
South KoreaHae yang 250Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute100 m1988
BulgariaPC-8Institute of Oceanology200 m1981
FinlandSM 80/2Finnish National Board of Waters and Environment500 m1990