Course Verif for Interdisciplinary

SPRING 2015 1st Day of Class Course Verification as of Jan 12, 2015


Course Instructor Time,Date,Location1* Time,Date,Location2* Site Credit Hours Enrolled Missing InMt* SchTyp* DEPT*
AFN-130-001 McFadden T MWF,1000AM-1050AM,KI-204 03.00 021 LEC IDS
AFN-290-001 Harris E TR,0800AM-0915AM,LH-103 03.00 025 LEC IDS
CHHS-492-001 , ,ON- M,0600PM-0900PM,MC-1027 03.00 011 I RDT WG50 LEC HAHS
CIT-213-001 Ferner M MWF,0100PM-0150PM,CI-2006 03.00 026 LEC BA
GLS-502-800 Turrisi P , ,ON- ONL 03.00 009 OLAS LEC IDS
GLS-592-003 Hudson A W,0630PM-0915PM,BR-164 W,0630PM-0915PM,BR-110 03.00 009 SEM IDS
GLS-592-004 Hedberg W R,0330PM-0615PM,BR-102 03.00 004 SEM IDS
GLS-592-005 Johnson M M,0330PM-0615PM,BR-102 03.00 003 SEM IDS
GLS-592-006 Kunz T T,0630PM-0915PM,TL-1007 03.00 004 SEM IDS
GLS-592-801 McKinley M,Turrisi P , ,ON- ONL 03.00 010 OLAS SEM IDS
GLS-592-802 Sroka E,Turrisi P , ,ON- ONL 03.00 012 OLAS SEM IDS
GLS-597-001 Hudson A 03.00 001 INT IDS
GLS-598-001 Hudson A 03.00 002 IND IDS
GLS-598-800 Hudson A 03.00 002 S IND IDS
SHS-210-001 Hart T TR,1230PM-0145PM,LH-131 03.00 022 LEC SHS
UNCX-130-001 03.00 019 I OLAS REG
UNCX-130-002 03.00 002 I OLAS REG
UNCX-140-001 04.00 001 I OLAS REG
WGS-210-001 Pond J MWF,1000AM-1050AM,TL-1006 03.00 029 LEC WGS
WGS-210-002 Pond J MWF,1100AM-1150AM,TL-1050 03.00 023 LEC WGS
WGS-212-001 Roberts C TR,1100AM-1215PM,LH-104 03.00 030 LEC WGS
WGS-212-002 Schlag A MWF,0900AM-0950AM,TL-1050 03.00 028 LEC WGS
WGS-230-001 Cami-Vela M TR,0200PM-0315PM,LH-130 W,0530PM-0715PM,MO-100 03.00 010 LEC WGS
WGS-491-001 Peel K 02.00 001 IND WGS
Please review this form. If you have corrections, please print and correct the printed copy of this form, giving the corrections to your dean's office no later than 12:00 NOON, Tuesday, January 20 . This will allow the dean's office sufficient time for BANNER update before OIR reporting files are frozen the evening of Monday, January 26 . Final SPRING 2015 Course Lists will be available on the WEB by Tuesday, January 27 . VARIA in credit hours column indicates variable credit. Missing Information coded as follows: I=Instructor B=Building R=Room D=Day(s) T=Time S=Site.Thank you!