Course Verif for Library

FALL 2015 Preliminary Course Verification as of Aug 19, 2015


Course Instructor Time,Date,Location1* Time,Date,Location2* Site Credit Hours Enrolled Missing InMt* SchTyp*
LIB-103-001 Ivins T , ,ON- 03.00 015 OLAS LEC
Please review this form. If you have corrections, please print and correct the printed copy of this form, giving the corrections to your dean's office no later than 12:00 NOON, Friday, August 28 . This will allow the dean's office sufficient time for BANNER update before OIR reporting files are frozen the evening of Tuesday, September 01 . Final FALL 2015 Course Lists will be available on the WEB by Tuesday, September 01 . VARIA in credit hours column indicates variable credit. Missing Information coded as follows: I=Instructor B=Building R=Room D=Day(s) T=Time S=Site.Thank you!