Course Verif for Social Work

SUMMER II - 2014 Final Course List as of Jun 27, 2014

Social Work

Course Instructor Time,Date,Location1* Time,Date,Location2* Site Credit Hours Enrolled Missing InMt* SchTyp* *
SWK-235-001 Bolton K , ,ON- 03.00 027 OLAS LEC
SWK-235-800 Bolton K 067 03.00 008 OLAS LEC
SWK-311-002 Guarino M , ,ON- 03.00 027 OLAS LEC
SWK-311-800 Guarino M 067 03.00 008 OLAS LEC
SWK-495-003 Rowan N TR,1015AM-0230PM,MC-2056 03.00 007 SEM
SWK-495-801 Rowan N TR,1015AM-0230PM 067 03.00 004 OLSY SEM
SWK-595-003 York R , ,ON- 03.00 020 OLAS LEC
SWK-595-004 Rowan N TR,1015AM-0230PM,MC-2056 03.00 001 LEC
SWK-595-005 York R , ,ON- 03.00 002 OLAS LEC
This is your final course list which reflects all changes made to BANNER by Wednesday, June 25 . Changes to your courses since the First Day Verification are identified by the rightmost column as follows: New courses-N Changed courses-C Deleted courses-D . Courses deleted since First Day Verification are listed at the bottom. If you find any inaccuracies, please send the corrections to If you do not have any changes, please print out this report, verify that the report is correct by signing on the line below and mail the form to Whitney Lawson, Office of Institutional Research Mail box # 5963. VARIA in credit hours column indicates variable credit. Missing Information coded as follows: I=Instructor B=Building R=Room D=Day(s) T=TimeS=Site. Thank you!
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