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The Office of Multicultural Affairs provides programs and services that support the academic mission of UNCW, by enhancing the educational, cultural, social, and personal development of Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Native American, Multi-ethnic, and Multicultural individuals, as well as non-traditional students with a special emphasis on those from historically underrepresented student populations. The current and future vision for the OMA allows room to address other underserved populations on our campus and throughout our community. The OMA is intended to serve as a portal for all things multicultural. The intent is to make each person from every culture aware that they are of great worth and integral to mainstream culture.


The Multicultural Affairs Office goals include: serving as a catalyst for positive and open dialogue about issues affecting Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Native American, Multicultural/Multiracial and more; presenting educational, cultural, and social opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the community to challenge intolerance and contribute to a positive and progressive campus climate; and advocating for a learning and teaching environment in which all students, but especially those from historically underrepresented populations and socioeconomically challenged backgrounds, can reach their full potential by guiding, motivating, and mentoring them in the pursuit of a successful college education. The Office is fully aware of the need to empower students with the skills needed to communicate effectively in the ever changing global job market. The experiences given to them through providing programming rich in multifaceted content, will allow them to leave the university ready to take their rightful place as well prepared leaders and change agents. 


Ms. Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith, Coordinator

Ms. Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith


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