Bookstore Buck$

Program Terms and Conditions

Bookstore Buck$ Overview

The Bookstore Buck$ program has been implemented to provide students increased flexibility in purchasing textbooks and school related supplies.  Students can now charge their student account up to $700 for each Fall and Spring term and $300 Summer I and Summer II combined for use in the UNCW Bookstore. Bookstore Buck$ will be placed on the UNCW One Card and will be available to purchase textbooks and school related supplies three weeks prior to the first day of class. The program is designed to provide students, including those receiving financial aid, advanced access to funds for use in the UNCW Bookstore. 

All registered students are eligible to participate using their UNCW One Card. To utilize the program, students sign up through their “My Seaport” account online.  The amount of Bookstore Buck$ purchased is charged to the Student Account (students can sign up and charge in increments of $100.00 up to a maximum of $700.00 per Fall and Spring terms and $300.00 for Summer I and II terms combined).  The funds will be deposited onto the UNCW One Card and available beginning three weeks prior to the first day of class.  The opportunity to purchase additional Bookstore Buck$ is available until the last day of registration (drop/add date) for each term.

Signing Up

Use the following steps to sign up for the Bookstore Buck$ program.The amount will be charged to the Student Account prior to the applicable billing cycle or on the following day depending when the Bookstore Buck$ purchase was made.  The Bookstore Buck$ funds will be available beginning three weeks prior to the start of class.  By signing up for the Bookstore Buck$ program, the student accepts responsibility of the charges placed on their student account.

Terms and Conditions

Funds charged to the student bill for Bookstore Buck$ must be paid by the deadline provided by the Student Accounts Office.  Students that are not financial aid recipients can add the Bookstore Buck$ and pay for them similarly to the other charges on their Student Account.  Students receiving financial aid may add the charge to their account and it will be paid the same way other charges are paid when the financial aid funds are released.  NOTE: It is recommended that financial aid recipients meet with their counselor prior to signing up for the Bookstore Buck$ program to ensure they have enough funds to cover their anticipated charges.  

Returns, Refunds, and Closing Accounts

Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the policy in force at the UNCW Bookstore where the items were purchased.  Cash refunds will not be made for returned merchandise purchased with Bookstore Buck$.  Bookstore Buck$ remain active and the funds carry over to each consecutive term until the student chooses to close it or until separating from the university.  In order to close their Bookstore Buck$ account the student must complete the Bookstore Buck$ Refund Request Form which can be found at the UNCW ONE Card office and either mail the form to the office or deliver it in person. 

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