UNCW One in Four

Mike and Craig

UNCW One in Four is an all-male sexual assault peer education group affiliated with the CARE Office of UNCW. Our members include student athletes, fraternity presidents, resident advisors, and other male leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Our name, One in Four, is drawn from the statistic that one in four women between the ages of 14 and 21 have experienced a rape or an attempted rape that occured by their 21st birthday.

Our mission is to reach out to other college men to talk about what they can do to help prevent rape from occuring and to give them tools for helping a friend or loved one who may be a survivor of rape or sexual assault. We believe in treating men as potential helpers, NOT as potential rapists!

We are affiliated with the National One in Four Organization. There are currently 40 colleges campus across the USA with a One in Four Chapter. UNCW's chapter was founded in the Fall semester of 2007 by 16 graduate and undergraduate male students who wanted to make a difference in the lives of those affected by sexual assault.

We present "The Men's Program"as the main portion of our outreach work. This presentation is designed to be presented to all-male audiences to teach them guidelines for helping a rape survivor who comes to them in need. Rather than blame men for rape and tell them why they shouldn't do it, we believe that MOST MEN DO NOT RAPE and would like to be a part of the solution but haven't been given the opportunity or guidance necessary to help. Through empathy-building exercises and discussion of general do's and don't's, the Men's Program provides an important resource and is the first step for many men on their path to a better understanding of the social issue of sexual violence and what they can do about it.

We present also"Identifying Dangerous Men" This presentation is designed to educate students about the behaviors of potential perpetrators of sexual violence. The hope for this progrma is to educate students both men and women to identify behaviors to keep their friends safe. Thsi program take the reserach from Dr. David Lisak who did reserch on male perpetrators of violence who were never caught. The red flag behaviors discussed in this presentation are imperativefor individlas to know in order to improve bystander intervention in high risk situations.

Lastly, we hold that there are great thing about being a man and we strive to create healthy masculinity on an the individual level as well as on the community level.


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