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The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement strives to transform individuals and communities through authentic and intentional engagement, leadership, and service.


The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement creates learning opportunities where UNCW students and fraternities and sororities can enhance their desire to engage in their communities, build their capacity to lead, increase their aspiration to serve others, strive for excellence in scholarship, and act congruently with their values.


  • Authentic Connections
  • Socially Just Contributions
  • Intentional Collaborations
  • Positive Change
  • Celebration of Integrity, Growth & Development


Office Goals

The Office of Student Leadership & Engagement will:

  • Plan, implement, and assess effective, experiential learning opportunities for UNCW students to engage, lead, and serve in the fraternity and sorority, campus, and local communities
  • Teach and learn with UNCW students to further develop individuals’ knowledge, skills, and capacities
  • Intentionally explore and reflect upon engagement, leadership, service and the fraternity and sorority experience through a socially just perspective
  • Create and maintain innovative, collaborative partnerships with campus community, and national constituents in order to best serve the needs of students, fraternities and sororities, the region, and the State of North Carolina
  • Challenge individuals and groups to strive for excellence in all aspects of the student experience
  • Celebrate the integrity, growth, and accomplishments of UNCW students and fraternities and sororities and their commitment to lifelong learning, engagement, leadership, service, scholarship, values, and accountability

Student Learning Outcomes

By engaging in programs with the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, students will:

  • Understand the relevance and importance of engagement in their community
  • Develop their capacities to be both strong leaders and followers
  • Increase their awareness, identification, and understanding of community needs and comprehension of individuals’ social responsibility for those needs
  • Pursue opportunities to serve others
  • Create and maintain healthy fraternity and sorority chapters that instill the importance of engagement, leadership, service, scholarship, values, respect, and accountability
  • Enhance their sense of accomplishment through the celebration of their own and others’ learning and development
  • Make meaning of their experiences in order to utilize their skills and abilities in other contexts and contribute to UNCW as alumni

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