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Life-enhancing course: Strengths finder 2.0

The Father of Strengths-Based Psychology, Donald O. Clifton, spent over 50 years of his career on developing and finely tuning the assessment bearing his name, The Clifton Strengthsfinder (also known as Strengths Quest).

The Clifton Strengthsfinder is a web-based assessment containing numerous questions with personality descriptors. You are asked to choose the descriptor that describes you the best (how you are presently not how you would like to be in the future) and to choose the extent to which that option is descriptive of you. Each question gives you 20 seconds to respond. The assessment results in a list of your top five strengths out of the 34 Strengthsfinder© skills.

Strengthsfinder wordle graphic

For the first time at UNCW, a committee of staff members trained in the Clifton Strengthsfinder© are offering your student group/class/organization the opportunity to take this assessment and provide a facilitated discussion about its personal and organizational uses. This is especially helpful in determining and strengthening group dynamics. The Clifton Strengthsfinder has previously been presented to the Campus Life Staff, Campus Life Student Workers, the Student Government Association Cabinet, the Student Leadership and Engagement Professional and Student Staff, and The Career Center Staff.

Individuals or groups interested in taking part in this opportunity may purchase the book from (external link).

The current cost of the book is $15.99 and includes one code to take the assessment and a hardcover book to reference for your top five strengths and the strengths of others.

You can also purchase a code and borrow a book! Purchase codes here.

If you have an interest in having Strengthsfinder© facilitated for your student group/class/organization, please contact Erin Williamson in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement.

Sammy Seahawk's Strengthsfinder results certificate