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The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is excited to announce that there is a NEW, updated system for reporting student engagement hours! It is our hope that the new system is easier to use and helps YOU keep better track of your hours for applications, resumes, and interviews. Additionally, the system will also allow UNCW to celebrate its collective community engagement.




Engagement information for the 2014-2015 academic year will be collected until September 1st.

We ask that you report any of the hours in which you have participated in community service OR philanthropy during this academic year. Use the below information as a guide for your reporting!

Community Service 

Community service is defined as hands-on community engagement done outside of class and coursework. Examples are: tutoring children, serving food to those in need, doing a beach sweep, etc.


Philanthropy is raising and donating money or collecting and donating items outside of class and coursework. Examples include: collecting money for a cause, holding a food or clothing drive, etc.

Getting started

Log in to the Engagement Hours Reporting System

For students, 

  • Login and select "Add New Activity"
  • Input required information (name of agency, activity type, date, and so on)
  • Click on Submit

This will create a record for you to reference later! You may ONLY enter community service and philanthropy hours individually. Group leaders and advisors may NOT enter your hours on your behalf.

For Faculty,

ONLY Faculty may enter or report service learning hours. Students who complete service for class and want a record of those hours, please communicate that information with your faculty member(s). Faculty should report service learning (community engagement done as part of coursework)

  • Login and select "Report Students' Service Learning Hours" (defaulting to Fall '13 and Spring '14 courses)
  • Select a course
  • Select "Assign to all" if student completed the same number of hours; conversely, select "assign per student" if varied
  • Click on "Report Service Learning Hours" to submit

This will create a record for the faculty member and for the individual students in the course!Engagement