CHHS Student Success Center

FAQs: RN to BS

Preparing to Apply

1) I need more information before starting the program - who should I contact?

  • You can inquire directly from the RN-BS website or call 855-306-4734.

2) How can I get an evaluation of my transcripts?

3) What are the admission requirements?

4) How quickly can I get started with the RN-BS program?

  • We offer 6 start dates throughout the year, two in the Fall, two in the Spring, and two in the Summer. Please refer to the Calendar of Start Dates for more information.

5) Are all courses offered online, including non-nursing courses that I may need?

  • Yes, all courses are offered in the online 7 week model (exception: NSG 408 is 10 weeks).

6) What is the cost of applying, and how to I apply?

  • The application fee is $75, and you can apply from the RN-BS website.

7) What Math and English courses does a student need to be accepted to UNCW?

  • One transferable Math and two transferable English courses are required. Courses must transfer into UNCW as an equivalent (not as a 001 elective course) and must earn a C or better. Please refer to the Transfer Credit Equivalents webpage for additional information.

8) What Math courses are required for the RN-BS program?

The only Math course that is required within the RN-BS program is Statistics (STT 210, STT 215, or QMM 280). If a student needs to take a Math course for general admission to UNCW, it is recommended that the student take Statistics. For additional information, see the Transfer Credit Equivalents webpage.

9) If I apply, but don’t get all needed materials submitted to UNCW Admissions or don’t get admitted for a particular session, will I automatically get deferred to the next session?

  • No, it is not automatic. However, a student can submit a written request to UNCW Admissions to be reviewed for the next session at no additional cost. The application materials and fee are good for four RN-BS sessions.

Cost and Timeline

10) What is the cost of the program?

11) If I am entering UNCW in a second session (Fall 2, Spring 2, or Summer 2), can I still get financial aid?

  • As long as you are enrolled for 6 credit hours (half of full time), you are eligible for financial aid.

12) How quickly can I finish the RN-BS program?

  • If you only need the nine nursing courses and one more course for the UNCW residency requirement, you can finish the program in 12 months. This requires you to be a full time student with 6 credit hours per session. If you need additional courses for the Non-Nursing Required Courses (PDF), this may extend the length of the program.

13) How long is a session, and how is that different than a semester?

  • A session is 7 weeks, and there are two sessions per semester (two in the Fall, Spring, and Summer). There are a total of 6 sessions per year.
  • A semester is 15 weeks, and thus a session is half of a semester.

14) What if I need to take a session or two off, can I do that?

  • Yes, the program is designed to meet your busy and changing life.

About the Coursework

15) What will the online courses be like?

  • Most courses are set up in 8 Learning Modules; each week a new module begins. Each module may contain an overview, to do list, module learning outcomes, required readings, PowerPoint slides (with or without narration), written assignments, discussion forum, quizzes/tests, group work, and/or case studies.
  • There is not a specific class time. However, assignments have specific due dates and times throughout the session.
  • For course descriptions of the nine required nursing classes, visit the RN-BS website.

16) How much time should I expect to spend on each course?

  • For each course, you should expect 12-15 hours of work each week. So if you are taking two 3 credit hour courses in a 7 week session, you should expect 24-30 hours of work each week.

17) Where can I find a description of the non-nursing courses?

18) How many courses should I take per session?

  • We highly recommend that you start with one course in their first session to ensure a successful start. You may take 1-2 courses per session, and can change the number of courses you wish to take for future sessions.
  • Students can take up to 12 credit hours per semester (Fall 1 & 2, Spring 1 & 2, or Summer 1 & 2). If you would like to take additional credit hours, talk to your Advisor to explore this possibility. 12 credits per semester (typically two courses per session) is considered full time.

19) What textbooks will I need to get for each course?

20) Can I take required non-nursing courses somewhere other than UNCW?

  • Yes, however you need to take one non-nursing course at UNCW to meet the residence requirement. Discuss this with your Advisor and complete the Transient Study Form prior to taking these courses.

21) Can I test out of a course?

  • You can test out of certain courses; this is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). The Registrar maintains information on CLEP Exams.

22) NSG 408 is 5 credit hours, is this course longer than other courses?

  • Yes, it is a 10 week course. If you are taking a course in the next session, it will overlap for a couple weeks.


23) Once admitted to the RNBS program, can I take courses outside the scope of the RNBS program at UNCW?

  • No, you are only admitted to take online RNBS courses in the 7 week session model.

24) Do I have to submit credentials such as a TB test, Flu Vaccination, etc.?

  • The only credentials that are required are for admission.

25) Will I have to complete clinicals?

  • There are practical experiences in the RN-BS program. These experiences may be completed in your current employment or if you are not currently working may be completed outside of a work environment. A prescribed number of “clinical hours” is not required.
  • Experiences are designed on an individual/group basis to meet the course learning outcomes. Examples are “Implement a community health and population focused health promotion activity” or “Develop a management proposal to address a quality care or patient safety issue”.

26) Can I get a student ID card?

  • Yes, although you don’t need one. More information is located on the OneCard website.