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Crystal Lubinski (Religion concentration): University Instructor

Michael Runkle (Philosophy concentration): Attorney

Crystal Lubinski's Photo

After receiving her BA in History and Philosophy and Religion from UNCW and her MA from NYU, Dr. Crystal Lynn Lubinsky received her PhD from the University of Edinburgh in the UK in Ecclesiastical History. She currently lectures on ancient history and religious studies for the History Department and Religious Studies Program at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Her research interests and future projects include gender/sexual issues in the early church, monasteries as refuge, and the Christian Desert Myth. She recently published a book entitled Removing Masculine Layers to Reveal a Holy Womanhood: The Female Transvestite Monks of Late Antique Eastern Christianity.

Michael Runkle's Photo

After receiving his BA in Philosophy and Religion from UNCW, Michael Runkle Esq. attended law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. Once finished with his Juris Doctorate degree and the bar exam, he opened his law firm, Seneca Law Group, named after the Roman stoic philosopher. His business has grown exponentially since then and he works daily fighting for the rights of those without a voice and defending the constitution of the United States. He also represents and works with multiple non-profit organizations that better the community. Mr. Runkle reports that he uses the skills, knowledge and understanding learned through the study and pursuit of philosophy at UNCW in everything that he does.





The Philosphy and Religion Department congratulates and wishes all of our graduates continued success in their lives!

Spring 2015

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Mohamed Abdelrazig, Mitchell Clark Barnes, cum laude, Michaela Jane Bauer, Kyle David Godwin, Jordan James Hamilton, Andrew Takashi Hardin, cum laude, Danielle Marie Harrison, Jake David Hassell, Kristopher Claude Humpries, Richard Randall Massey, Trevor Paul Seropian

Majors concentrating in Religion: Michaela Jane Bauer, Jake David Hassell, Amanda Michele Maldonado, cum laude, John Alexander Orr, Ray Winstead

Fall 2014

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Joran James Hamilton, Mark Daniel Lindsey, Aaron M. Weekes

Majors concentrating in Religion: Janet Nicholette Bennett, Lauren Christine Love

Spring 2014

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Joseph Anthony Difini, summa cum laude, Evan Ray Hayes, Olivia Ashton Iden, Elizabeth Anne Johnston, John Paul Lopez, Lindsey M. Lopez-Ibanez, Zachary Lars Orsino, Stuart Alexander Poulsen, Robert Howard Taylor

Majors concentrating in Religion: Sarah Bixler, Nathaniel Robert Houseman, William Kyle Preston

Fall 2013

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Robert Christopher Kirkpatrick, William Alexander Koszelak, Mark Daniel Lindsey, Mikkel Dwight Lysne, cum laude with honors in philosophy, and Steven Paul Powell

Majors concentrating in Religion: Danielle M. Alexander, Sophia Turrisi Fuller, University honors with honors in Religion, and Jessica Elyse Willetts

Fall 2013 Graduates

Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Atiq Ur-Rehman Chaudhry, Kimberly A. Crawford, Greg John Hankinson, Scott Herrmann, cum laude, Justin Doeyeon Lee, Neil Kumar Sanyal, Patrick Edward Sullivan, magna cum laude, Abigail R. Watson, summa cum laude with University honors in philosophy, Joseph Chad Yozzi

Majors concentrating in Religion: Bryan Robert Fries and John Preston Harvill, cum laude

Spring 2013 Graduates

Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Jillian Lynn McCarthy

Majors concentrating in Religion: Matthew Paul Meyer, Natasha Namailua Davison, Peggy Sue Styes

Fall 2012 Graduates

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Lindsay Blake Gargano, Crystal Marie Groover, Cara Suzannah Harrison, Anna Frances Lowder, Marisa Lodema Marzilli, Samual Otto Schuth, Jeremy Paul Smyczek, Troy Alan Stehlin, Hunter Wray Whisnant

Majors concentrating in Religion: Cody Alan Covan, Sophia Ditanna, Dylan Justus Dodson, Andrea Rose Hanselmann, Daniel Crosby McCluskey, Allison Leigh Murphy, Jason Ezra Norris, Eugene Vincent O'Dea, Mary Alexandra Peoples, Rachel Elizabeth Poole, Victoria-Lyna Florian Ruffin, David Scott Townsend

Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Matthew Jeffrey Amor, William Richard Batts, Alexandra Aicha Breant, William Augustine Piner, Charles Kenneth Wilson

Majors concentrating in Religion: Walter D. Ball, Jake Wesley Heffington, Joshua Aaron Hollamon, Justin Scott Snider, Elisabeth Julaina Wallace

Fall 2011 Graduates

Spring 2011

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Matthew Amor, Shawn Wilder Colley, Keith Gerard Cormier, Taylor Talmadge, Thomas Duncan, Lacey Michelle Geno, Holly K. Howell, Johan Lars Icard, Matthew Culp Maples, Johnathan Patrick Ryan Neale, William Tyler Roberts, Andrew Courtin Stark, Carl Brooks Venters, Zachary Tooman, and Matthew A. Zinn

Majors concentrating in Religion: Allan Garrison Libby and Mark Crittendon

Graduates May 2011

Back row, left to right: Matthew Amor, Zachary Tooman, Mark Taylor, Shawn Colley, Andrew Stark
Front row, left to right: Tyler Roberts, Matthew Maples, Garrison Libby, Ryan Neale, Keith Cormier, Matthew Zinn

Fall 2010

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Zachary Joseph Abrams, Kyle Mitterman, and Emily Rose Stewart

Majors concentrating in Religion: Christina Amber Haley, Edward Ansell McClure, and Richard Derrick Whatley

Spring 2010

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Blake Wilson Cook, Charles Edward Detoma, Jonathan Richard Flynn, William Chason Huggins, Andrea Lea Morton, Brandon Michael Tinlenberg, David Mark Wappel.

Majors concentrating in Religion: Jamie Lynette Brummitt, Blake Wilson Cook, Alexandra Marie Elfner, Joseph Michael Gentry, Bryan D. Hendershot, Marah Leigh Litchford, Katilin Elizabeth Miani

Fall 2009

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Christopher Digirolamo, Aaron Modlin, Alexander Myers, Kyle Pate, Heather Winseck

Majors concentrating in Religion: Christopher Denning, Edward McNeeley, Aaron Modlin, Stephen Sonnenberg

Fall 2009 Graduates

Left to right: Chris Digirolamo, Edward McNeeley, Kyle Pate, and Stephen Sonnenberg

Spring 2009

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: William George Bayrd, Anna L. Bijelic, Yuri Ewan Buechler, Joshua Matthew Cole, Shauna Marie Cooper, Adam Donald Fought, Michael Gillis, Benjamin Austin Skinner

Majors concentrating in Religion: Brittany N. Andrews, Sarah Katherine Collins, Renee Lynn Farrar,Laura Dawn Frank, Maria D. Mitchell, Gissette Enid Rodriguez, Lauren Ashley Stapleton

Spring 2009 PAR Graduates

Fall 2008

Majors concentrating in Philosophy: Meredith A. Johnson, Grand Douglas Breuer, Sarah Katherine Rivers

Majors concentrating in Religion: Evan Matthew Watson, Brock Adam Tharpe, Mark Xanthos


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