Temporary Parking Permits

A student, faculty/staff member or visitor may obtain a temporary permit to operate a vehicle on campus under the guidelines below.

Even if you will have your car here for only a month, you will need to purchase a temporary parking permit weekly for $10, and furnish proof of liability insurance.

If an individual has registered a vehicle on campus, the temporary permit is issued without charge. Permit holders are not entitled to obtain a temporary permit if the vehicle displaying the original permit is parked on campus.

If an individual has not registered a vehicle on campus, a fee of $10 per week will be charged.

Students are not allowed to obtain temporary permits for a vehicle, unless the student, spouse, parent or legal guardian owns the vehicle. A valid registration document must be presented to obtain a temporary parking permit.

Undergraduate students may buy a temporary parking decal for $10 a week only if they live outside the one-mile radius of UNCW.

Temporary employees:

Other groups: Campus Ministry, interpreters and some vendors are eligible to purchase a temporary (green) hanger permit at a cost of $45 for the year. Student interns and students who are registered for online classes and GRC 600 are eligible to purchase a temporary (green) hanger permit at a cost of $95 per semester.

Things you NEED to KNOW

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