Off-Campus Freshmen


You made it!  You are now a UNCW Seahawk!!!! 

About 10% of our freshman students live off campus and there are many reasons why YOU may have chosen to live out in the Wilmington Community.  Perhaps you are living at home or with family members or trying to live on your own in an apartment or house.  Whatever your living circumstances, we encourage you to fully engaged in the UNCW experience.  After all, it can be very tempting to come to class and then head back home, but we want you to get involved at UNCW.

Here are some tips for an awesome first year at UNCW:

1) Go to class!  Ask questions.  Take notes.  Engage in dialogue.  Read. Study.

2)  Get to know your faculty members.  Talk to them.  Visit them in office hours. 

3) Get involved!  There is a club, service project, sport, class, part time job- something for you here at UNCW.  Make your mark.

4) Sleep.  Eat well. Talk to somebody if you need some advice or guidance or feel blue. 

5) Utilize the many resources available to you here at UNCW.

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