Transfer Students


Welcome to UNCW!

We are excited you are joining us for your college experience. We are here to help you make a successful transition.  In this section, you will find information to help you find housing, connect with other students and resources to help YOU be successful here at UNCW.

Lauren A., Class of 2012Lauren Auton

"I have become successful as a transfer student at UNCW through my job with the Office of the Dean of Students.  This job has allowed me to discover what resources are available to transfer students and to off-campus students to help them adapt to changes they are facing and to stay in touch with the UNCW campus community.  I strongly encourage the transfer students and off-campus students that I meet to take advantage of what the PERCH has to offer them."

Teal Bridge Mentor Program

The Teal Bridge program is a program designed for transfer students, to help meet your needs during this time of transition to UNCW. You are moving into Teal territory and the bridge is how you get there! We know most of you have already been to college before and have an idea of what it is like. However, UNCW is a new atmosphere for you with its own culture, rules, regulations, and resources - some of which you may not have encountered before, but which will be crucial to your success.

Teal Bridge program events and Teal Bridge Mentors (volunteer transfer students) are designed to help you navigate the newness so that you can make the most of your time here. Having recently been a new transfer student like you, Teal Bridge Mentors are ready to share what they have learned and to support your efforts as you adapt to "The Dub!"

To request a mentor, please visit and look for the section on Peer Mentors.

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