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What is Great Decisions?

Great Decisions is an educational lecture series sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA). UNCW is one of over one thousand participants in the Great Decision lecture series and has hosted the program since 2001.

The lecture series consists of eight different topics addressed by experts in their respective fields. Following the speeches by the experts, students will participate in structured discussions of the topics based on the lectures and readings from the Great Decisions briefing book.

At UNCW, Great Decisions is a 1-hour credit course where you are required to bring your presence, interest and participation in stimulating discussion in your student-led tutorials! Our lecture series will take place on Tuesdays this semester and your tutorials will take place on Thursdays in a separate classroom on campus and will be led by students.

Your presence, enthusiasm and participation, and some reading can earn you great intellectual rewards. Your reading materials are designed with intelligent non-majors in mind.This is a great way to learn about the global world we live in.

Starting in January 2015, renowned speakers from across the country will be speaking about important international issues. You do not have to be a Political Science major or be an expert on global politics. This is our way of bringing the important issues to you. Your curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to learn are all that are required.

This exciting lecture series is graded strictly on attendance.

Have you taken Great Decisions before? Do you want to take it again? You absolutely CAN.

The topics for 2016 include: Middle East, The Rise of ISIS, The Future of Kurdistan, Migration, The Koreas, The United Nations, Climate Change, and Cuba and the U.S.

If you have any questions, you can contact the faculty advisor for this program, Dr. Remonda Kleinberg