University Planning and Quality Council


January 21, 2005

Members Present: Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo, Provost Paul Hosier, Dr. Ronald Core, Mr. Stephen Demski, Ms. Pat Leonard, Dr. Robert Tyndall, Dr. Nelson Reid, Mr. Lawrence Clark, Dr. Cathy Barlow, Dr. Bettie Glenn (for Dr. Virginia Adams), Dr. Robert Roer, Dr. Carol Pilgrim, Dr. Tom Schmid, Mr. William Fleming and Mr. Robert S. Russell.

Others Attending: Mr. Max Allen, Ms. Sharon Boyd, Ms. Mimi Cunningham, Mr. Ed Davis, Dr. James Dragna, Dr. Howard Rasheed, Ms. Kay Ward and Dr. Kenneth Spackman.

Provost Hosier called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm.

The minutes of the December 1, 2004, meeting were approved as distributed on the Web, with one change.  The first bullet under Goal II, Objective 1, was amended to read:

Dr. Spackman informed the Council of the following items.

Dr. Spackman also described some of the desirable features of Oregon State's Strategic Plan that may be adaptable to UNCW.

The Council engaged in extended discussion about implementation of these steps.  The Council decided on an approach that would make relatively minor refinements to the current plan with its focal objectives (as opposed to creating a comprehensive list of objectives that would serve as an umbrella for every program and activity of the university), by appointing a small subcommittee to revise the wording of the objectives to make them consistent in style and format and, perhaps, to add a small number of new objectives.  (Current strategies, in red font on current drafts, are only examples, and are not meant to be complete.)  By the February 23 Council meeting, the text of the revised objectives will be made known to the units, so that the process of alignment of unit plans with the university's strategic plan can be completed by May 15.  Dean Roer proposed a strategic plan hierarchy that would involve embedding the university's strategic plan structure in each division, allowing for ease in reporting progress, and that would facilitate the distillation and prioritization of initiatives that move to higher levels.  Chancellor DePaolo expressed her desire to develop soon an elegant brochure for broad distribution, especially to external constituents, that describes the strategic plan in real prose (as opposed to outline form).

The question of the mechanism by which we select performance indicators and progress measure targets was left for a future meeting.  Provost Hosier asked Dr. Spackman to do a preliminary distribution of performance indicators to the goals and circulate to the Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.

Future Meetings  (All meetings are 3:30 - 5:00 pm, in AL 215)

February 23, 2005

March 21, 2005

April 21, 2005

May 17, 2005

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