Police Alert

January 24, 2007

FROM: Lt. James Watkins, Community Services Division

RE: Theft from Motor Vehicles

On Tuesday January 23, 2007 reports were taken in reference to several thefts from motor vehicles parked in different residential areas of campus. Thefts were also reported to Wilmington Police from nearby residential apartment complexes.

The vehicles targeted on campus were newer model Honda Civics and an Acura Integra. The articles stolen were mostly electronics (stereos, amplifiers, etc.) Attempts should be made to conceal electronics by removing stereo faceplates and covering amplifiers and speakers. Other valuables that are moveable should be removed from the vehicle when left unattended.

Please report suspicious circumstances to police via phone 962-2222, anonymously at 962-TIPS (8477) or by email www.uncw.edu/police, or by activating the nearest call box.

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