Police Alert


June 08, 2011

The robbery alleged to have occurred yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Randall Drive and South College Road was fabricated. The young man, who is not affiliated with UNCW, admitted to reporting false information to the police department.
University officials will continue to take steps to keep the University community informed of reported incidents that may pose a threat to the safety of the campus community.

June 07, 2011

Today, shortly before 5:00 P.M. a 16 year old young man reported that he was robbed of cash while riding his bike at the intersection of Randall Drive and South College Road. The young man said he heard a female passenger in a car yell at him. The car was stopped at the traffic light in the left-turn lane on Randall Drive (on campus). When he approached the car, a male passenger got out of the front passenger seat of the car, approached him in an aggressive manner, and demanded his money. After receiving the money, the male returned to the car. The car turned left onto South College Road. No weapon was displayed, and no specific threat of harm was communicated.

The victim described the car as black with two doors and loud exhaust. The vehicle had no tinted windows and the rear window behind the driver�s window was triangular in shape.The victim described that all four of the passengers (one female, three males) appeared to be Caucasian. The female was seated in the rear driver�s side and had a nose ring with a hoop and silver ball on each end. The male who demanded the money was described as tall and thin with a tattoo on one of his arms and a short hair cut. The driver was male with a tattoo that included some type of lettering on his outer left forearm. The victim was not able to provide a description of the fourth passenger, other than being Caucasian and male.

The safety of every member of our campus community is our top priority. Students are reminded to walk with friends, call for an escort from UNCW police (Ext. 2-2222), keep their windows and doors secure, utilize well-lit walkways and the Seahawk Shuttle, be aware of emergency call box locations, carry a cell phone to dial 911 and report to UNCW police any suspicious individuals or unusual activities. Increased police and security patrols have been initiated in the residential areas on the campus


David M. Donaldson
Chief of Police

University of North Carolina Wilmington

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