Engineering Course Registration

The following information applies to UNCW 2+2 students (others should contact the Program Director) who want to take an engineering course on site at UNCW through the NC State College of Engineering Distance Education Program. There are three steps to complete the registration process: completion of the NC State non-degree seeking student application, the Engineering Online application, and the UNCW permission for transient study form.

  1. To take an undergraduate distance education (DE) course from NC State, you need to apply to NC State as a non-degree seeking student. To do this, complete the NCSU Non-Degree Student Distance Learning application. On the Enrollment page of the application under the Enrollment Objectives section, make sure that when you see the statement, 'Which of the following best matches your objective for taking non-degree courses at NC State University?' check the button for 'to earn an undergraduate certificate or participate in one of the following programs:'. Then select from the pull-down menu 'Engineering Online 2+2 Wilmington'. You will NOT have to pay the $30 application fee if you select the 2+ option. Please also be sure to enter a valid email address on your application. In a few days you will receive a confirmation email with your NCSU unity ID and student ID number and directions as to how to create your initial password. Please keep this email for future reference.
  2. Go to the Engineering Online website, create an account, and complete the Engineering Online Registration Application. You may be prompted to register for a course, but when asked to do so, simply logout. Once you have completed this application, contact the Program Director and she will have you officially registered (enrolled) in the appropriate course(s).
  3. Complete a UNCW transient study form in MySeaPort.

Please carefully review the following information about Tuition & Financial Aid, Course Logistics, and other Administrative Details related to taking a DE course from NC State.

Tuition and financial aid

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